Restaurant: Mag st. Toppings

Gauri Devidayal

Gauri Devidayal, is the accidental co-founder of Food Matters Group who was supposed to be on a one year sabbatical but still hasn’t gone back to her tax consulting job Gauri Devidayal

Jay Yousuf

Jay Yousuf, founder of Food Matters Group, is always late for everything except food and cocktail tastings. He lives vicariously in the US through hours spent watching CNN and his Jay Yousuf

Sushant Kule

A number that’s on speed dial for most of South Bombay and team Food Matters. The go to for all things operations related – Sushant knows how to work his Sushant Kule

Kalpesh Kamble

If he gets comfortable around you, you’ll see a completely different side to Chef Kalpesh- other than his usual shy demeanour. A sports fanatic who can bat as well as Kalpesh Kamble

Vinay Naik

He just become a dad but his dad jokes have been his go to since the longest one can remember. From managing his proverbial babies on shift to now taking Vinay Naik

Ramesh Kedar

A memory that can never fault him, Ramesh’s motto in life is to make people happy! And with his sharp memory he knows exactly what a customer is craving the Ramesh Kedar