Restaurant: The table

Gauri Devidayal

Gauri Devidayal, is the accidental co-founder of Food Matters Group who was supposed to be on a one year sabbatical but still hasn’t gone back to her tax consulting job Gauri Devidayal

Jay Yousuf

Jay Yousuf, founder of Food Matters Group, is always late for everything except food and cocktail tastings. He lives vicariously in the US through hours spent watching CNN and his Jay Yousuf

Sushant Kule

A number that’s on speed dial for most of South Bombay and team Food Matters. The go to for all things operations related – Sushant knows how to work his Sushant Kule

Louis Gomes

A true task master and taste maker at The Table. Known to be extra generous on the rare occasion he is seen smiling or taking it easy in the middle Louis Gomes

Biswanath Patra

Fondly known as chef Pats by team Food Matters – his spirit and jovial nature make him a delight to work both in and outside the kitchen. If he was Biswanath Patra

Bhushan Rane

An infectious smile and an ever ready to help attitude has scored Bhushan major brownie points with the patrons of South Bombay, especially the ladies! A keen investor in the Bhushan Rane

Ameya Palav

If he wasn’t a restaurant manager, Ameya would have loved to be covered in the last section of the newspaper, dedicated to sports. A Manchester United fan who ticks every Ameya Palav

Venkatesh Namdar

The actual star of the hit netflix series Bad Boy Billionaires – India! A boss behind the bar, someone who works his charm and words with equal wit while whipping Venkatesh Namdar

Durgesh Singh

A rebel in his own right! Durgesh has gone on to make a career out of something that is banned in his native place. A seasoned bartender and true enthusiast Durgesh Singh