Restaurant: Food matters group

Gauri Devidayal

Gauri Devidayal, is the accidental co-founder of Food Matters Group who was supposed to be on a one year sabbatical but still hasn’t gone back to her tax consulting job Gauri Devidayal

Jay Yousuf

Jay Yousuf, founder of Food Matters Group, is always late for everything except food and cocktail tastings. He lives vicariously in the US through hours spent watching CNN and his Jay Yousuf

Ameya Palav

He just can’t get enough of Food Matters! Regulars at The Table will remember the ever smiling Ameya from back in the day; he’s just shifted loyalties to the suburbs Ameya Palav


All about being MAD – Making a difference! A firm believer in the philosophy of “Hire character. Train skills.” Yashomeena has over 18 years of progressive experience in human resource Yashomeena

Prerna Bhandari

With years of content, communications, and branding experience in the hospitality, architecture, wildlife, and entertainment industries, Prerna jumped into the effervescent F&B industry as the Brand & Communications Manager at Prerna Bhandari

Nikhil Abhyankar

From Mumbai’s spice-laden streets to global gourmet galas, Chef Nikhil Abhyankar is the flavour whiz who’s had a long-standing partnership with the Food Matters Group, right from Mei 13’s time! Nikhil Abhyankar